The opportunity to adjudicate would have increased a settlement amount by almost 70%: findings in the judgement on quantum between Imperial Chemical Industries and Merit Merrell Technology
05-12-2018 \ Article

This article explains how damaging a contractor’s financial position, by refusing to pay the money it is entitled to, so that it cannot then avail itself of adjudication on another project can attract liability.

Patches of light on the dark road of Concurrent Delay
08-11-2018 \ Article

This article explains why it might not be the best of times for employers and contractors to be relying on ‘concurrent delay’ when faced with construction delays under an un-amended JCT contract.

After the ‘Smash and Grab’
08-11-2018 \ Article

The Court of Appeal has delivered some much-needed guidance as to what happens after a ‘smash and grab’ adjudication. S&T (UK) Ltd v Grove Developments Ltd confirms how and when a party on the receiving end of such a decision can go about securing an assessment of ‘true’ value.

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